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After many discussions with our customers, we have created an “Industry First” pricing structure.

A customer suggested: “change your current pricing structure so I know exactly what I am paying for and I can verify it at any time.   When you give me a price per square foot, I don’t feel like it can possibly be accurate and I can’t verify how much you used. When I go to the gas station, I put in 10 gallons of gas in my car and I pay what the sign out front says.  Insulation should be the same.”
Mr. Anderson… Arlington, Texas

With that in mind, we started charging by the bag blown actually blown in and we lay the bags out for any customer to count if they wish.  Then we post the price on the internet so it can be verified.


Our current price is $80.00 per bag blown in.

example:  The typical retro attic requires  12 bags per every 1,000 square feet. This gives the attic a rating between an R38-R40, (closer to an R-40.).  No matter what others tell you, it is difficult to verify the exact R-value in every square foot of the attic due to the fact that some attics have existing insulation with varying amounts.

note:   We only charge for what we actually blow in.  If we estimate a 1,600 square foot house needs 16 bags and we only install 15 bags, you only pay for 15 bags.

We provide a fair market price with no hidden charges or fees while providing you with the best insulation product available in the market.


Ridge Vents:                  $17.50 per foot
Wind Turbine:                $225.00
Power Turbine:              $355.00
Solar Power Turbine:     $650.00

note: our insurance policy restricts us from actually wiring up the power turbines.  We will drop the wire, but a licensed electrical contractor would need to wire these to the current system.

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